Russians say that it does not matter if you did not win means if you took a part in the challenge. That is not about my style, I think it is a weak position. However, if you feel that you are losing you should make it very elegant. Political fights are super hard. People always feel when you lost the strength. The cheapest way to save yourself from the loss is to say that your opponent breaks the rules of the game or that the game is not following the rules. That is the strategy of Maya Sandu. She discovered that her rating is extremely rapidly fell and Maya started to discuss what illegitimate elections will be.


You know what I found about Maya… Everything she do she is doing AGAINST… What she is trying to do? She is trying to become somebody. She is trying to save her reputation in her own mind. She dosnt care about us/ She don’t want to build the bright future. She wants to fight! She wants to make us respect her.

Sandu insist that the new electoral system is constructed to make the actual parliament stay on same positions forever! And she will not take the place in this fiction! Ok…ok…Maya we already gave you a chance when you were the Minister of Education and you did your best… You stole a chance for children to get the education. Now what… Finally she officially going to support her frenemy Andrey Nastase in the elections for the Mayor of the city I don’t know if I am right, but I’m sure that this alliance is on the way of collapse, they quietly hate each other and the history of their relationships is the most conclusive evidence. Nastase went through his own interests on the privies elections, when he withdrew his candidacy for Maya, and now when he needs her help. She is thinking about it more than a month, discussing about supporting him or not with her party. I don’t think they are still in love with each other. She’s not a lover, she is a fighter. A fighter who is fighting without the goal, a fighter who is fighting just to fight…Maya there is no sense. Sorry to tell you the true.


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