Here in my mother country time to time, still smells with our past that still bothers us. Sometimes this fact is a nice thing, as with all this old holydays like “Woman day» and for sure «Defender of the Fatherland Day».


It’s not about those, who went through the army or war. Now it’s just about real men. What am I trying to say, is that we still have to celebrate the existence of the men’s strength. I mean, that our men don’t need to go to the war anymore, but they still are fighting everyday.They are fighting for their families. They are trying to make them live in better conditions with the total lack of possibilities in Moldova. About those who still are responsible for the weaker woman, about those who still remember about the principles, about the honor to protect their country, about men who still are building future with all passion they have.

Today, I think that a real men in this country is the one who is not loosing himself in the black hole as alcohol or drugs. For me a real men in Moldova is the one who stays at home, who is not trying to run from the land that not give him easily everything that he disserves, but he still believes in better. For me the real men always have a great goals and plans.

To become a real men you don’t need to have a lot of money, you don’t need to look like Bred Pitt. You just have to realize your mission — to be stronger than woman are. No matter how old you are, you just have to understand that you should never cry in front of somebody, you should never say that you feel pain, you shouldn’t show that you are scared and you should always take responsibility for your words. That’s what are REAL MEN look like. Congratulations!


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