For many years politics was just a real resource for earnings in all countries in post-Soviet space. Im not going to take the responsibility and claim, that it’s still the same in other countries, as Russia for example. I never lived there, so I could just try to guess. But, I’m a citizen of Republics of Moldova and I’m interested in all processes that take place in my country at this time. And you know what I’m absolutely happy with that.


To choose the vector is the most important thing for the government especially for such small and weak countries as mine. We always will be dependent on the foreign policy, on the economic relations with stronger and richer countries who have more resources, territories, technologies and e.t.c. The only one way to achieve the goal and become fully civilized is to integrate European Union, as Romania did. You don’t have to be very politicized to realize how far they advanced. Now I see how many things were done by my government in the past 2017 year. We have concluded an association agreement with EU and next step for us to get financial help on development was a huge number of reforms, that were successfully implemented. All that effective changes were done by democrats. Party of Democrats is ruled by a very strong political figure, who went in politics not so long time ago, but understands what his country needs more than any other more professional and experienced politician. His name is Vladimir Plahotniuc, his biography is very unusual for Moldova, because he is absolutely self-made. He was born in the very poor family so he has nothing common with Donald Trump besides his very high abilities to rule powerful, successful businesses. This fact from his biography makes Moldavian people hate him more than Satan. In post-Soviet space exist very specific mentality that cultivates poorness. They think that money and other manifestations of success are born in hell. To be rich is unacceptable in my Republic, better be dead. Its pity but what can I do to make people open the eyes and see the reality, that nobody is not responsible for those lack or knowledge, professional options and abilities to make them be paid and respected in any part of the world including Moldova.

The only one thing that scares me is this concentration of hate in society,that makes people be blind in their choices. They can choose opposition not because of better program, or strong leaders, but just because it is OPPOSITE. Hope my compatriots will not ruin all this way to my bright future in EU.


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