It is absolutely natural in Moldova that people who come in politics have some strange goals and plans that have nothing in common with this object. They are ruled by the common selfish interests. Information that Andrei Nastase is sponsored by brothers Tsopa appeared in many media resources. Brothers Tsopa are raiders who escaped from Moldova but still try to take place by some dirty manipulations in Moldavian politics. Some political analytics gave an objective critics, because of lack of an adequate view and a real plan of leading a country.

Leader of formation Andrey Nastase doesn’t have a political vector and strong position in the perspective of leading a country and the most of his actions are oriented towards discrimination of Vladimir Plahotniuc and the actual government. The president of the Institute of Strategic initiative Andrei Popov gave a brutal critics to Andrei Nastase on the TV show named «Politica» on TV8 channel.

Nastase answered that he has a plan in case of his win on the elections that he will take justice from the control of government.
«First of all, we will free justice from the hands of politicians, because if we have serious leadership and political will, good things will happen, «he said. Nestase admitted that the changes can not be realized at the same time, as previously insisted. Moreover, Nastase stated that he is organizing a process of lustration, through which, in his opinion, most government officials must pass.
Arguments that Nestase gave did not convince Popov, who criticized him for the lack of a political vision and a consolidated team.

Mr. Nastase did not convince me, he does not have a clear plan of action in case of coming to power and clarity with whom he will cooperate. It seems to me that it would be more rational to acquire supporters in the system, to differentiate the messages, and not to have them all sent to the dump. Your party is not consolidated, you have several leaders, the current government absorbed very capable people from all political spheres and administration. And I think that in the case of lustration, it will be necessary to make precise nuances in order to increase the chances to remove the perpetrators, and not to start a discriminatory process, «Andrei Popov said.



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