It’s not a secret for Russian world that we went through in nineteens after the USSR collapse. There was no law in post-soviet union for many years. There were such phenomena called in Russian RAKIT that were the most popular way of BUSSINESS at that time. It all was just about theft and privatization of public property. Thanks God that scaring times are gone… Or not really? Let me tell you a story what disaster is happening when representatives of this criminal world of the nineties go into politics, because of the sympathy of the uneducated people with whom they are on familiar terms.

I was shocked when this story has begun. In 2014 on the Moldavian political stage appeared a person from nowhere. His name is RENATO USATII. For me its always a little tragedy when I see this kind of people in business or in politics, because I understand where and how they were started. Its very easy to identify this criminals because they use specific manners that are absolutely unacceptable in the civilized world! I was watching Renato Usatii on the TV and I was trying to imagine how he will communicate with Angela Merkel for example and you know what? It was just a stupid way of thinking. That has no logic, because he would never communicate with the European world, because everything he did in politics was sponsored from Russia. I understood that this is kind of criminal project when in news started to appear information about his friendship with criminal authority Grigory Karamalak, known as Bulgarian. Renato Usatii invested huge money in a long series of protests in the central square. He was trying to provoke a kind of revolution, a lot of people in Moldova believed in success of this guy, but time goes and true began to come out. First of all, it was found that the members of his party were drug-related? A lot of them has illegal business. And district in witch Renato Usatii was Mayor of the cityis the most drugged part of Moldova. He was involved in very strange story of an attempted murder of a Banker Gherman Gorbuntsov. Different versions appeared in media, even a huge film payed by Usatii about different political persons in Moldova who organized this attempted murder. At last today version of attempted murder was confirmed. Renato Usatii tried to kill BLACK Banker Gherman Gorbuntsov. I hope people in my country will open sleepy eyes and they will met the true about such phenomena as BRUTAL RUSSIAN GUYS with plenty pockets of dirty money, who give them hope that one day they will have the same success…NO, era of HAUS is gone.usatyy_33



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