There is a chance for our future if we will not change the direction. In such countries as Moldova Ukraine, Georgia problems and issues are the same. They appeared after the great collapse of USSR. It was a fall of the system with strict ideology, vectors, principles and goals. It was a disaster for all this countries because they had no idea how to function independently. Moldova was one of that kind. There was no economy at all. And for a very long period of time in my country was a tumult named as business. Very slow situation took other turns and now we see many changes.

Such small economies as in Moldova can’t leave without support of bigger countries. We are dependent for many years from Russia and EU. We have a lot of debentures face to them and so on. But, the biggest issue we have now is the different points of view of Moldavian president and Moldavian government.

Moldavian president Igor Dodon is Russian oriented. At first sight, it is absolutely normal position, but in this circumstances it’s not working, because for several years we were slowly but efficiently working in one direction named integration. We took a very perspective vector-EUROUNION. You don’t need to be very politicized to understand that situation inside Russian Federation and EU are different. Corruption, absence of middle class and total chaos in armistice. At the same time we see Europe with apple-pie order in law and business. So what you going to choose if you have a brain…

In Moldova exists a very serious problem and the name of it TRANSNISTRIA. The part of Moldova that was separated in 1990 after the armed conflict, that was settled through intervention of Russia. Russia is very interested in this region,it’s an ammunition depot for now. For the Russian federation TRANSNISTRIA is a kind of strategic point. That’s why they allocate funds to the budget of TRANSNISTRIA and this fact gives to this region a chance to exist independently from Moldova. This issue destabilizes the situation in my country and ruins the relations between my country and EU. Till TRANSNISTRIA exists as it is, there is no chance for my country to become a part of EU.

But, I hope that people understand that sometimes things are differ then they look, and the best way to make things work is to maintain the balance between good and bad. Sometimes you don’t have to choose, you just have to use.



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