There is a power in the universe.The great power of beauty… Sometimes it is impossible to express your feelings or thoughts when you see something that touches your soul. Art is a mirror where you see the reflection of your subconscious. Art always is repulse of the stream. It can be mainstream or underground, but it shows the shapes, colors and common stage of mind of your generation. It can be classic or it can be something absolutely new. It doesn’t matter you understand it or not it is a great spector that shows you the beauty that is seen and born by somebody who has a talent to express what he feels. I will try to show you an ugly art that cannot be understood, by somebody who is not able to look outside the box. Hope you will enjoy it.

Lucian Freud, renowned for his unflinching observations of anatomy and psychology, made even the beautiful people (including Kate Moss) look ugly. One of the late twentieth-century’s most celebrated portraitists.




Jenny Saville paints female nudes in extreme states of grotesque exaggeration—deformed, obese, brutalized, or mutilated—working against the male-dominated history of idealized portraits of women. “I want to be a painter of modern life, and modern bodies,” she says.





Nicola Samori’s dark, Baroque-inspired oil paintings are skillful reproductions of classical portraits and still lifes on canvas, wood, or copper, purposefully destroyed to negate classical representation and question painting itself.



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